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practice for greater awareness and balance

Mind-Body Balance Activation: quick and effective!

The balance activation process used at GroterGeheel [GreaterWhole] works through the brain. When brain function improves, forms a greater whole, body and mind will follow automatically.

Which symptoms?

Mind-Body Balance Activation is a non-symptomatic approach that can be applied to the widest variety of symptoms. Good results are also possible with rehabilitation, optimizing training for athletes, improving children’s learning abilities, and pregnancy support. On the testimonials page you will find many examples. The most important thing, however, is that it brings you closer to your true self, to an inner foundation of more oneness, aligned with a Greater Whole.



Less tension, greater strength, and better posture.


Thinking calms, inner conflicts resolve more easily.


More inner peace and harmony, a greater sense of oneness and connectedness with a Greater Whole.


Curious about Mind-Body Balance Activation?

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