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chiLay down, put your ankles in the ankle holders, and the Chi-machine will gradually rock your body to greater relaxation. When the machine stops, a deep inner calmness envelops you. It is a simple way to achieve better balance that can easily be applied at home as well.

In my search for a suitable Chi-machine for my practice, I arrived at the Chi-Vitalizer. This one has a digital remote for variable speed and time, including three pre-programmed sessions, and comes with a one year warranty. 

You can test the Chi-machine in my practice. You can also order it for € 330,- plus shipping (The Netherlands € 8,50, Belgium € 13,50). It is not the cheapest machine, but it is far superior to the cheaper ones with regards to quality, comfort and options. 

Orders can be placed through e-mail. Delivery time is usually 2-3 workdays after your payment has been received through bank or PayPal.

Extensive information about the Chi-machine can be found here:


Curious about the mind-body balance activation?

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