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How does Mind-Body Balance Activation work?

A special upward movement of the head generates a pattern interrupt in the brain, bringing it back automatically to a more natural, calm and balanced base level, in which the brain functions more like a unit. The technical term for this is interhemispheric depolarization, or depolarization in short: neutralizing tension between the brain hemispheres.

The pattern interrupt in the brain triggers an inner system check: is everything still in place and operating as it should. This automatically reveals where attention is needed, and with what priority.This approach, therefore, is not symptomatic. The advantage is that the inner wisdom gets the opportunity, according to its ability, to do what is needed, in its own way and time. This also means, however, that the specific effect to a specific symptom cannot be predicted. The testimonials give an impression of the possibilities in this regard.

The first session usually takes about 45 minutes, follow-up sessions about 20 minutes. At first, the process is administered quite frequently, say two or three times a week, but as soon as the body starts holding the new way of functioning, the frequency may be decreased to, for instance, once a month, or even less. This is always done by mutual agreement.

Note: Mind-Body Balance Activation does not involve adjusting or manipulating the spine!

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