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peatPEAT is short for Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence, which means as much as returning to the source of a problem, an emotionally charged polarity in consciousness, and neutralizing or integrating that polarity. When the emotional charge has vanished, instead of the problem, you experience a deeper oneness within.

Put more simply: with PEAT you process the emotional charge from the past which – consciously or unconsciously – is causing trouble in the present.

There is a basic level and a deep level of PEAT. A selection is made depending on the problem. The techniques are simple yet profound and make use of acupoints, affirmation, and deep breathing.

The duration of a PEAT session may vary quite a bit. Sometimes half an hour will do, other times you need multiple sessions to address the same problem. A single session may last up to two hours. If the process has not ended by that time, it will be resumed the next session.

Below are several testimonials from my practice. 

“I clearly remember the PEAT session. At the time, it appeared too simple to me, so I was pretty sceptical, yet at the same time I trusted Ko completely.

The first thing I noticed, was that I quickly started to feel more relaxed. Initially, it proved not so easy to get to the core of the ‘problem’ I was dealing with at the time. We did succeed with and old ‘trauma,’ which since then – after the PEAT session – I have never again experienced as problematic or painful! Afterwards, I used the affirmations again several times, for different situations as well; very healing!

Last, but not least, since the PEAT session – more than one month ago already – I really feel more whole and have a more integrated view of duality, that is to say, as Oneness.” L.P.

“My experience with PEAT was certainly an expansion of my mind. I had the opportunity to do a session with Ko. When we started, I had a tremendous headache and severe neck pain from a sexual assault 2,5 years ago. I found it difficult to process the pain, and that day I have seen many very scary images before me on my way to discovering my primordial polarities. Many layers of pain and sorrow that I was able to face.

Part of PEAT is exaggerating the problem you are dealing with. I think this holds the key. It is exaggerated mentally, so that this base emotion that is connected to my emotional accumulation somehow begins to shift. It shifts in such a way that the intensity lessens. I had a very heavy feeling in my heart. As if there was a hole in my back and an elephant was standing on my breastbone. That feeling has decreased and to such a degree that it is not constantly attacking me anymore. Expanding the pain in my heart also gave me the opportunity to just let the pain be for a while, without judging it as “evil.” Just expanding it until it destroys itself. The pain in my neck and head is still there, but it is not keeping me as small as before. I can enlarge it until it is ridiculously intense, and even though it is not gone, I can try to stay true to myself. So that despite a lot of pain, you can still be happy. This has certainly become easier.

I didn’t reach my primordial polarities during the first session. It took a second session and they turned out to be Expanding and Reducing. A significantly reduced headache helped me to go deeper within. I could direct my attention to my mind and thus was less distracted by my body. Soon I struggled with “being small” of being kept small, or the feeling that I should know my place, and that I certainly should not venture beyond that space. With the expansion of my mind to a normal space, which to me is very spacious, I felt better already, full of love for everything. Then the reducing kicked in again, followed by my desire to once again expand and be normal. At the end of the PEAT session I felt myself “morphing”, what to me meant the turning of my body from within to without. Sucked up through my head and blown out from the bottom of my body. When my body turned within, I was very small. When I was turned back out again from that state, it was clear that expanding and reducing belonged together. In the large I was the seed of the small and the other way around. I know that when I have the feeling that someone (or myself) wants to keep me small, this also connects to my thinking patterns, and my condemnation and fear of the reducing causes me to constantly struggle with this dynamic. But now I know through the two PEAT session what is bothering me, and at the same time, I received some sort of answer. That was the sense that the reducing and expanding dissolved in each other. When that reduced feeling is bothering me now, I know that it also belongs to the opposite, and thus to life.” V.K.

“PEAT has given me greater awareness of the inner attitude toward myself, namely that I now notice more clearly signs of agression towards myself. By meditating upon this, sadness related to my mother starts to release.

I enjoy more intensely a sense of gratitude for all the good within and around me, life seems to flow more naturally because of greater acceptation on my behalf. I now realize that love is the only way to growth. If you skip that, you will be tossed back again and again, until you understand that principle. Thus greater understanding. Also clearer dream material!” E.S.

“I have exerienced it as very pleasant and positive. Ko makes you feel at ease. Afterwards, the problem was gone and the feeling of here-and-now, simply being, had become much stronger.” M.T.

“I thought the PEAT technique worked very efficiently on the emotional area that we were addressing. It gave me much insight, both rationally and emotionally, to be able to and dare to feel feel both polarities of emotions, and finally to experience them as a whole as well.” S.C.

“At my first session I integrated my primordial polarities, I and Space. It was very unusual to first experience them as separate and suddenly no longer being able to tell the difference. Space and I had become the same, I felt myself as space. Where I stopped and where space began, I really couldn’t tell, they were one, and I couldn’t separate them. Amazing! Underneath the surface there is still a feeling of acceptance and contentment that was not there before, which makes me feel grateful.

One of the other polarities I was able to integrate, was Giving and Receiving. I’m more a giver than a receiver myself. When someone gives me something, I easily feel awkward about it. The thought “you didn’t have to do that” would cross my mind, for example. When, after the integration, I clearly realized that giving and receiving are merely two sides of the same coin, and that there is no difference in essence, I could not help bursting out in laughter over and over again. It was very comical to look back upon a feeling that currently seemed completely silly. I cannot remember ever laughing so heartily about myself. Wonderful!

Because of PEAT I have also become more aware of the voice of my body, and the need to hear it: “I am your friend and ally. I am at your service, but do not treat me as a slave. Also take into account myneeds and whishes. We have to work together.” A sobering but necessary insight, at least for me.” J.P.

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