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“I’ve been seeing Ko for a few weeks now.

Four years ago, I had a bus accident in which the side of my head took a hard blow against the window of the bus. That’s when the horrible feeling in my head started.

The first period after the accident I thought I had a concussion, so I hoped to feel better in a couple of weeks, but unfortunately, it just kept getting worse.

I had many symptoms, such as difficulty to keep my balance, the feeling of being on a boat, a heavy feeling in my head and on my temples, much difficulty with reading and concentration. Because of all these symptoms, I stayed indoors more and more, I feared going out on the streets, it felt scary and very uncomfortable.

After a few months, I went to the doctor, who sent me to an ENT specialist for a balance test and ear examination, which all turned out fine. I also saw a physical therapist, manual therapist, an osteopath, and even a psychologist… This all had little to no effect.

Until I ran into Ko’s website.

So far, I’ve seen him five times, and my head has already improved for at least 80%! How is it that through a single procedure facilitated by Ko my symptoms have already decreased to such an extent!

I wish I had known this four years ago, it would have saved me so much misery and sorrow! I hope my head will feel 100% again in a little while. If the symptoms return or if I get other symptoms, I will surely go back to Ko. Thanks Ko!” A.F.

“Over a year ago, I visited Ko for the first time, with some vague neck symptoms. After two sessions, I felt completely well again.

Recently, I suddenly had a nasty pain in my neck that radiated through my right shoulder and upper arm down to my little finger. An annoying and nagging pain during the day, but so unpleasant during the night that I couldn’t sleep in any position.

After three sleepless nights, I called Ko. Fortunately, I could see him that afternoon. After the depolarization, which really is very subtle, I felt better instantly. The pain eased away gradually and I could feel that something had happened in my head as well. I cannot really describe that feeling, it seemed as i fit had created more space, less pressure.

The pain has not returned.

What a beautiful method, not scary at all, and Ko does a great job, so calm and poised.” A.M.

“I was exhausted and as a single mom with a sick four-year-old child with, among other things, epilepsy, panic attacks, and tuberous sclerosis, the situation had become unbearable. After four years of sleepless night I was literally at the verge of collapse.

Right after the first session, I regained some energy. Aftera bout three months, I feel completely fit again, as if I’ve been raised from the dead.

Ko immediately started working on my little daughter as well. After several sessions, the panic attacks became less. Once she had an attack while she was asleep and Ko was visiting. Hure pupils were strongly dilated. Right after the balance activation process, you could see her pupils return back to normal in just a few seconds.

My daughter is doing a lot better at the moment as well. She now sleeps through the night most of the time and no longer has panic attacks, so thank you very much, Ko!” M.T.

“After my husband died in August 2010, I got into a stressful situation, as my employer didn’t understand my sickness absence.

In January 2011, I was close to a burn-out and saw Ko’s add. We did 8 sessions and from the first time, I could feel a wonderful peace envelop me. After a couple of sessions, I regained the sparkle in my eyes and I could feel my energy returning. Now it is early June 2011 and I feel well again, full of new zest for living.

I thank Ko for his sincere and loving attention and his humour.” C.W.

“About two years ago, out of the blue, I developed back problems. I thought that this pain would pass automatically, but it only got worse. The stabbing pain in my back increased and I had to take it into account with everything, such as driving my car, working out, doing the dishes, and much more small things.

At first, I went to the doctor, who refered me to a physical therapist. The physical therapist treated my back, but as soon as I stepped outside, the pain came back again. I continued like this for a while, but without result.

After that, I want back to the doctor, who now refered me to the hospital, for a bone scan. The X-rays didn’t show anything out of the ordinary. This frustrated me a lot, as I was in so much pain. The doctor told me that I would be alright and this time refered me to an osteopath. These treatments clearly had an effect, but each time, the pain would return. I was at a complete loss what to do.

On a weekday, my girlfriend decided to go floating at FloatPlaza in Rotterdam. She asked if I would like to come along. Instead of floating, I went for a sports massage. The person who gave me a sports massage told me about a colleague that would probably be able to help me. After he had given me Ko’s business card, I was struck that he lived in Middelburg, as I lived in Oost-Souburg. I definitely thought it was worth a wshot, so I decided to make an appointment.

Ko soon observed that my body was out of balance and applied the balance activation process for the first time. This had such a great effect on my body. Instantly, the pain was less, and I felt as light as a feather. I just couldn’t believe it. Ko told me what could be causing the pain, and that for healing to occur, I had to become aware of it.

After this, more sessions followed. Every now and then my back still hurts, but not as bad as before. I still visit Ko and I want to continue with this. The sessions with Ko have helped me so much, that the fatigue that I experienced because of the pain, has disappeared completely. A big relief, which makes me feel ten times better!!!

In short, my advice is to make an appointment with Ko. Don’t be afraid of the unknown. It is simple, yet so effective. It really helped me and I am very gratefull for it.” E.V.

“After an event that I experienced as traumatic, I could no longer quiet my mind and I became somewhat unsettled emotionally. Because of this, I had barely slept for six months. After two weeks, with two sessions a week, I suddenly slept again! It is also very helpful when my back or neck is bothering me.

Meanwhile, I’m using balance activation about once a month, for ‘maintenance,’ and it is a nice tool for when I get stuck with something. I know of no other process through which you can release so much tension so quickly. Along with this it often gives me a deeply peaceful feeling, a sense of being closer to me true self again.” J.P.

“I made the first appointment out of curiosity. I had had a very remarkable experience at a ZiMo [Dutch abbreviation for “zien en motoriek,” sight and locomotion] consultation in Goes with the fitting of my glasses. He also started (through the eyes) from the idea of cooperation between the left and right brain hemispheres, so when I accidentally stumbled upon your website, it sparked my curiosity.

The first session already had a remarkable result, even though I didn’t really know for what reason I was there. You observed that there was a difference in leg length, but I had known this for years through physical therapists. “This is the case for many people and you can learn to live with it pretty well.” With the occasional back pain, sometimes worse than others, this was true. The muscle test that you did with the left and right arm were similar to the ZiMo consultation.

After the first session and the brief period of rest you re-checked leg length and the difference in strength between the left and right arm. On both factual matters you (and I) observed direct results: the difference in leg length was gone?! and the difference in strenght was gone?! A weird exeprience, such direct results.

The next sessions your checks confirmed that the results were holding and thus the time in between could be extended. On my second visit, I recall that you asked about my experiences and I told you about my cheerful mood on the way back in the car. I had caught myself: whistling in the car?! I rarely whistle, let alone in the car. It’s hard to put this next to the factual observations above and directly link it to the balance activation process, but I clearly have less negative feelings. Because of a change of management, after 42 good years of service, the last year and a half, I had been having (very) depressed moods regularly. Now, instead, I speak my mind more often, be it with a cynical undertone (temporarily, I hope) more often as well.

We’ll keep in touch because of future maintenance sessions.

Thank you, Ko.” D.B.

Curious about the Mind-Body Balance Activation?

Make an appointment!

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“Since last May, I’ve been having a lot of physical symptoms. Sleeplessness, shoulder tension, hip problems, especially if I walk a lot, and some other things. The familiy doctor had given me medication for the sleeplessness so that I could sleep well. Which I did with the medication, but of course, I would rather not take them.

My friend pointed me to Ko’s website and for some reason it appealed to me immediately. It doesn’t hurt to try, I thought, so I made a phone call right away and I could make an appointment soon. My main reason for going was the sleeplessness and the tension that I kept holding on to.

After Ko’s clear explanation, I could lie down on the table and he got to work with me. I instantly noticed the difference with regards to the tension in my body. I felt as light as a feather. And for the first in a long time I was standing straight again. We then agreed that I would try to sleep without medication that night, so yes, I was very curious how this would pan out.

Once back home, I was still very impressed by what he did. That such a quick procedure could trigger so much change in a human being, incredible. When I got home, I was very active and I started cleaning like a maniac. After that I collapsed, suddenly I was dead tired. I lied down on the couch for a while. But after supper, I didn’t last very long. I just had to go to bed at 7.30 pm, as my eyes simply closed.

That night I woke up briefly at 1.45 am to go to the toilet, and immediatly, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep again, but nothing was further from the truth. I easily fell asleep again and didn’t wake up until 9 am the next morning. So straight away I could notice the difference and I am very glad that I took the initiative to do this.

Now I go once every week and soon I would like to decrease this with Ko, to see if my body will hold balance for a longer period of time.
I can recommend to try this to everyone with symptoms. I am over the moon that I can sleep without medication since the first session, wonderful, and I feel well again and less tense. So I am still grateful to my friend, for refering me to Ko’s website. This has certainly brought me positive change and I will certainly continue with it.” A.V.

“Mind-Body Balance Activation is typically one of those things that cannot be fully explained to those who haven’t tried it; one cannot grasp its value or effect unless one personally puts it to the test and observes his/her own feelings/reactions.

The activation process itself is done very quickly, in less than a minute. So what is this experience? In short, especially the first times, I felt very light, “mentally silent” as if my thoughts had decisively slowed down or even disappeared all of a sudden. In some ways I wished I did not have to study in those moments as I felt it was a moment my organism was taking to recharge itself from Roosevelt Academy’s hard work. Nevertheless the mood and general health received a great boost.

I advise everyone to try Mind-Body Balance Activation at least once. Some will enjoy it, some, perhaps, will feel almost nothing. We should not refrain ourselves from new things we have never heard of before; especially if the chance is that of obtaining a great and observable benefit. We learn from a variety of experiences in life and we cannot exclude any beforehand.” G.R.

“A good friend of mine had visited Ko and related enthusiastically about Mind-Body Balance Activation. His positive experiences made me look into this process as well and eventually I made an appointment with Ko.

I had been suffering from a compulsive neurosis for quite some time (obsessive and compulsive disorder, OCD in short) and I received treatment for it at a local mental health center. Even though I received more insight, during the therapeutic sessions, into my own thinking patterns, feelings, and daily functioning, I often felt that this treated the superficial effects (the compulsive thoughts and actions) rather than confront the underlying causes. Because of this, the problem seemed to keep shifting around and I believed that I just had to learn to live with it as well as I could.

When I arrived at Ko’s place, I didn’t really feel comfortable at first, but soon I felt at ease through his thorough explanation of what was going to happen. I instantly noticed his calm and sincere attitude and along with my faith, I also put my head into his hands.

The first time I didn’t really notice much beyond the considerable drop in neck tension and that I was standing straight again. I decided to go to Middelburg a few more times and to continue my search into the whole identity of us human beings.

Mind-Body Balance Activation has helped me to achieve greater awareness and healing and it invites me to learn how to really consciously Be. I learned that the challenges that I’ve faced in my life can be potential opportunities to grow, if you are but willing to see them. A more positive attitude to life (state of mind) that’s within reach for everyone.

I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that it may expand and clear out even more for my fellow human beings, so that everyone can say that the smoke around his or her head has disappeared.” D.M.

“The proposal came very unexpectedly. If I would like to experience Mind-Body Balance Activation as well… I had already read a thing or two about it on Ko’s website. Because of my spiritual interest and studies the past years, I’ve also studied, done, and experienced different treatments already. Thus I gladly accepted the proposal right away. My friends Luc and Liselotte were the first to go, so that – partly through Ko’s explanation – I knew exactly what was going to happen and how everything works. Ko’s calm confidence, skilled action, and tangible dedication made me surrender confidently and completely to what was going to unfold.

With a simple and accurate observation, Ko determined the imbalances in my body. It was in complete accordance with what I felt. Neck tension in particular, to me, is tangible evidence of built up tension and emotions. Limbs and muscles being somewhat shorter or longer, higher or lower, stronger or weaker – this doesn’t make me loose sleep right away, but it was interesting to learn about this. A certain movement that Ko did, reminded me of the Chi-machine, which also works pleasantly enhancing; I should do that more often again.

The actual activation process looked pretty frightening when I observed it being administered to the others. But on the table it wasn’t that big of a deal. At first, Ko showed everything, very slowly, and that felt very smooth and natural. After this “general rehearsal” I was as ready as I would be. Full of faith and in complete peace and calmth I awaited the “moment supreme.”

In one flashing movement I felt as if I was hurled out of my body and this one undivided moment I experienced a kind of outer body experience. As if very briefly I experienced my pure “being” only to return to my body again immediately. It happened so quickly that there wasn’t even time for a blissful feeling or a mystical experience as I’ve once experienced in the mountains or in a deep meditation. But it was a similar sensation, a – be it very brief – awareness of unity with the Source of All-that-is. The feeling afterwards (I remained peacefully on the table) was, therefore, blissful. It felt as if everything in my body was now properly shaken in place. Ko’s testing afterwards confirmed this, because the imbalances were recovered: everything just as tall and strong, perfectly balanced. The tension in my neck was thrown out, as it were. As if I had received a wonderful neck massage. In short, a delightful experience that’s certainly worth repeating.” A.S.

“As kindred spirits, we arranged a meeting at our home, meditating together and exchanging thoughts. It is fun to get to know each other’s qualities and interests. Thus I introduced Ko to the virtues of Tibetan scales, while he would ‘initiate’ me into Mind-Body Balance Activation.

From a voluminous piece of luggage, Ko pulled out a special table. After a thorough explanation about what was going to happen, Ko started measuring my body, followed by muscle testing. These tests give a tangible idea of what’s going on inside. I did prove to be somewhat out of balance and there is clear tension in the neck (no surprise for me, I’ve been living my entire life with the feeling that there’s not enough blood flow to the head, which gives a heavy feeling).

Ko demonstrated the movement in slow-motion, so that you could get an idea of what was going to happen. I had already seen Ko apply the whole thing to my partner, and I have to say “it doesn’t look pretty.” The sudden shock made by the person on the table brought to mind images of nurses in ambulances. I saw ambulance staff reanimate a heart patient with a defibrillator! Fortunately, I had watched my partner experience it completely differently, so I gave my consent when asked if I was sure that he could proceed with the actual activation process. Admittedly, it still is a little scary, such a sudden movement, but it all looks more frightening than it really is.

Afterwards, muscle testing confirmed that the process hadn’t failed its effects. The body had rebalanced itself and I felt OK. The next morning, however, I woke up with a severe headache, stings from my neck to the left temple. At first, I thought that my body still had to adjust somewhat to the new balance, but after several days the pain was still there. I caught myself feeling a certain anger towards Ko, deep within me. “Dang, maybe Ko overstrained my neck muscles, and who knows, I’m now stuck with chronic headaches.” I decided not to contact Ko about this yet, as I could be letting myself dragged down by underlying emotions. After two weeks, the symptoms disappeared and I felt much better, for the first time since many years my neck felt supple, and my head lighter.

After a while, Ko gave two follow-up sessions, and these didn’t give painful side-effects anymore. During the first session, there was probably a bigger imbalance to correct and some transformations just don’t happen without any resistance.

I realize that this story isn’t a fairytale, but I relate it to you as it is, so that you know that this may also happen. I do wish to point out though that Ko knows what he is doing and that you can be sure to be treated and guided with care. Next to that, this isn’t a negative story, on the contrary. I was just upset about the initial effect, but I did know that I first had to give it some time before reacting to it. I’m grateful to Ko for the physical relief he gave me and it certainly has its positive effect energetically as well.” L.G.

“In August this year, I went to Ko for the first time. I had hesitated for a long time, because I was afraid that the balance activation process would trigger an emotional response too severe. Nevertheless, I decided to make an appointment, mostly because I thought it would do me good in general. I had also been having problems from carpal tunnel syndrome in my left wrist for months. Rest did seem to help, but it didn’t really go away.

Ko carefully and clearly explained to me what Mind-Body Balance Activation is about and what he was going to do during that first visit. After that he asked again explicitly if I was sure that I wanted to do this.

The first time was still a bit odd, but soon it felt very pleasant and calm. The week after, I felt very well: strong physically, but also mentally. I made an important decision with a certainty that actually surprised myself. And I felt well, better than I had felt for ages.

I went to Ko once a week for a month after that. My carpal tunnel syndrome disappeared even more and I kept feeling confident and well, even though I had to get used considerably to the new life that I got because of the serious decision I had made. When I visited Ko, I slept very long and deep the night after. Very remarkable for me!

I couldn’t make another appointment until one month after this, as I was not at home for a long time. But it kept going well, both physically and mentally. I am very happy that I’ve decided to go to Ko, because it affected me in many positive ways. Thank you, Ko, and till next time!” V.W.

“Cycling to Middelburg, tense, no idea what I’m going to do.

Cycling back to Arnemuiden, relaxed, tremendous urge to giggle. I try to retain it, but after a few minutes I think: why should I, and I indulge. The giggling turns into bursts of laughter, until I’m almost back home, then, fortunately, I start to gain some control of myself again. Until this day, I’m still inclined to laugh when I talk to someone about it. With exception of Tuesday evening, then it suddenly turned into tears. I preferred laughing, crying doesn’t really make me prettier!

Right after the balance activation process, my body got very warm, as if I had a high fever. This remained the same the whole weekend, but not so focused in my head, fortunately, but spread out a bit more equal.

We’ve been having severe problems at home with my husband’s health, and slowly but surely I was burning up. Ko’s father, our conductor, gave me a little card: check out this website.

Very often I was very excited, perhaps because I was afraid to show how I really felt. Some people who looked a little further asked me if I was doing alright lately. Apparently, it was clear that this cheerfulness was fake, a survival strategy. Now, after the balance activation, I am still very hyper. At first this was disappointing to me, I had hoped that the silence in my head that I had experienced right after would stay. The difference is that my excitement now stems from a surplus of energy, it is genuine joy and energy, not pretending anymore.

This evening we had an extra rehearsal. I went by bicycle with very heavy winds, I really needed the exercise. I’m bubbling and overflowing. For my job, I answer phone calls from people who are having problems with their social security. These are often difficult conversations. The last few days I’ve had only pleasant conversations. People already calm down after my greeting and we say goodbye as friends after talking for only a few minutes. Time flies!

Sunday to Monday night I woke up after one hour of sleep. I didn’t fall asleep again, have spent the rest of the night just letting my thoughts flow. It wasn’t worrying, no annoyance of not being able to fall asleep again, it was peace. I had no trouble at all after this sleepless night, it was healing.

What happened last Friday, to me, is the step from surviving to living. And this after one session. I already look forward to the rest of my life. It is only going to be better.” P.P.

“For years, I’ve had pain in my left shoulder. Pain in my left foot was added to that. Since a few years, I’ve also had trouble around the lower back.

I practice different forms of physical exercise on a daily basis, such a martial arts and dancing. Balance, being aware of energy and calmness are important elements for this, but recently, these things have degenerated more. The more and harder I work out, the more and more severe the pain becomes.

So far, treatments from the doctor, hospital, physical therapist, massage and podo therapist didn’t work and I started giving up seeking help. Until I got back in touch with a good old friend recently, Ko de Rooij, and I visited his website. Despite some fear of the actual process, I believed that Mind-Body Balance Activation was the last opportunity to bring improvement in my body and life.

First he checked my physical condition by doing several tests. I pruposely didn’t say anything about how and where my body hurt. Still he immediately spotted my body’s imbalance. He explained each step slowly and clearly. This made me feel relaxed. Before the depolarization, he gave me the opportunity to make a conscious decision whether or not I wanted to receive it.

At the instant he did the process, I saw a white light moving from my head to my back. Slowly the warmth went through my entire body and suddenly I stopped hearing noise. This noise had always been present, but I only realized it when the noise disappeared.

Five minutes later I’m still lying on the table. I’ve always had a rushed feeling within. This made me irritated and restless. Along with this I felt chaotic and I panicked quickly. This feeling had suddenly gone. Something had clearly changed within me, but it is hard to put into words what had happened exactly.

On the way home, the sky seems brighter and the trees look nicer. My foot suddenly stopped hurting and I could walk without being aware of the pains in my body. The same route, but a different experience, with a new feeling and sense of time.

It’s now about one week ago. I turn easily on the dance floor, without fear of pain on the left side of my body, and I train jiu-jitsu with a sense of energy and balance.

Thank you, Ko, for the friendship and a new way of life.” A.M.

“One year later…

June last year, I visited Ko at recommendation of my daughter. Almost overworked and thus completely out of balance. First a little talk and then upstairs and on the table. A little tense though, as the first time does feel a little scary.

Ko first checks if your body is in balance, feet level, hips level, shoulders, and then extending the arms. Well, that’s not too bad yet. After that he takes your head in his hands and gently turns it left or right. He moves it in a certain way that you feel throughout your entire body. The first time, I experienced a rather painful stab in my back, but that’s my weak spot. It always gives me trouble when I’m tired or worried as well. I remained on the table for another 5 minutes, because it did feel a bit light headed.

On the way home, I felt a kind of warmth streaming through my body and along the way I became more relaxed. Three days later I was back for the second appointment.

The first three weeks, I visited Ko twice a week and gradually we decreased frequency. I was doing better and better. Sometimes, I was so relaxed that I didn’t pay proper attention in traffic, sometimes a little “drunk”, sometimes very giggly, but no negative experiences.
My back pain has disappeared (can put my socks on normally again) and I completely feel like my old self again. Now I’m seeing Ko every now and then, when I think it’s necessary. I sense that pretty well now.

Before I went, I thought this probably wouldn’t be for me, a down-to-earth Dutch woman, but it has nothing to do with hocus-pocus, just that body and mind need to be balanced to be able to function properly. In October, I even succeeded to quit smoking, independently, after 39 years. That’s how well I feel again.

Ko, what you do to me, is doing me well!” E.P.

“Dear Ko,

I couldn’t wait longer than a day to let you know about my experiences.

After the process, I said that I felt a bit drunk. I think that ‘spiritually uplifted’ is a better description. I felt a strong urge to laugh very hard and had the feeling that my upper body was longer. I still feel fantastic! My mind is sooo clear! As if I’ve finally awakened from a long sleep. There’s a connection to my subconsciousness again. I really didn’t expect it to have such impact. I keep talking enthusiastically about what I experienced at your home. I’m full of energy, butterflies fill my stomach, I really feel GOOD! Yesterday night when I had a rehearsal with a band, I played differently. For the first time, while improvising, I really played what I wanted and felt. I could also experiment more with rhythm, without getting lost. It was great! Everyone had the impression I was rather ‘wild’ too.

My hips are still somewhat level, but I suspect they’ll go back to their old position rather quickly. But I enjoy and keep enjoying this blissful sensation in my head (in my whole body really), it literally released something.

By all means, thanks verrry much for introducing me to myself! I am more than pleasantly surprised. (And I have the feeling this will happen more frequently.)

Regards and till soon!” R.C.

“Hi Ko,

First of all, I want to thank you for your selfless commitment, from the beautiful conviction that the Universe takes care of us!

Last March, I was at the paranormal fair in Goes, where I met Virginia Kilgore. Her appearance and presentation appealed to me, for the fact that it wasn’t “vague”, but with proper scientific validation. That sparked my interest, so I gave it a try.

From that moment, I did feel my right and left brain hemispheres cooperating again. I could think rationally again, without all kinds of limiting emotions and fears, which, looking back, I’ve allowed to rule me for years, and which I’ve tried to hide, resulting in blockages. I really regained my conscious awareness.

One month later, I relapsed into my old behavioral pattern. Until Virginia called me, and referred me to Ko, who gave me a clear explanation about muscle tension, the interaction between body and mind, being in and out of balance, and proceeded to give me a depolarization. Then the tears came and the processing of old pain began. The following days I cried a lot. Three days later I went again. The following weeks once a week and now once every three weeks. Since then, many pieces of the puzzle of my life have come together. It was heavy, difficult, emotional and instructive, but certainly worth the effort!

I combined Mind-Body Balance Activation with Reiki, which worked really well. In short, I feel more free, I am able to express myself better, I no longer hold on to negative feelings and I don’t have to take antidepressants anymore. I have recovered the joyous, spontaneous child within myself again.

What comes your way in life, happens for a reason. Ko, a big hug and thanks again!” S.S.

“A description of my first experience with Mind-Body Balance Activation:

Right after the process, I experienced an intense, new sensation of being in the here-and-now, of having access to a stronger focus, and of standing somewhat ‘apart’ from my body at the same time; I would dare to speak of an ‘observer perspective’ in this regard.

The predominant feeling was a beautiful, calm peace; a peace that I had merged with at that very moment and with life in general.

The physical effects then: the feeling of having grown several centimeters (later I learned that this could be measured objectively) and ‘aired’ – as you air a room or shake up a pillow.

I absolutely recommend Ko to everyone who would like to get to know this special process.” B.L.

“Last year, around September, I suddenly couldn’t fall asleep anymore. After trying the usual common sense cures, I eventually ended up at the physician and received sleeping pills for this problem. As it’s known that sleeping pills aren’t really good for you, I started looking for alternatives in that period myself. I received acupuncture (which I enjoyed very much, by the way, but didn’t help me get rid of my sleeping problem), I took several meditation courses, started doing yoga, but all of this wouldn’t help.

Very coincidentally, I saw Ko de Rooij’s website on April 2nd. It sparked my interest right away and I read Ko’s text. I instantly felt that this might be what could help me. I could see Ko the very same day and received my first Mind-Body Balance Activation.

Before Ko starts, he explains very well what he is going to do. First Ko looks/measures to what degree I’m out of balance. After that, I receive the activation process. This takes just a few seconds and is done on both the left and the right side of the head (quick movement). After that, Ko asks me to remain on the table for 5 more minutes. I am curious what’s going to happen and if something is going to happen.

Unfortunately, I can’t discover that anything has happened to me in the week after my first session. After a week I have another appointment with Ko and the process is repeated. After the third time I’ve visited Ko, I became aware that after a session, I’m very emotional that day and can’t stop crying. Even though I don’t know the exact reason behind the tears, it relieves me very much and afterwards, when everything has settled again, it gives me a ‘cleared’ feeling. This has happened to me about three times.

I feel that something is changing. When I sit on the couch in the evening, I notice that I’m starting to yawn and become sleepy. This is something that hasn’t happened to me anymore since September last year!! To me, this is really a sign that something is happening to me. It’s not just that I get sleepy again of my own, I feel myself getting stronger as well, more powerful and really more in balance. I don’t just feel this myself, my environment is noticing it too. Very gently I have now begun decreasing the sleeping pills and I’m only using a very low dosage now. After almost a whole year of struggling, it is very special to me that Ko has been able to accomplish this through Mind-Body Balance Activation!” R.C.

“I’m laying on the table, a little tense. What’s about to come is nothing terribly scary or exciting, but still, it’s the first time and first times are always a little scary and exciting. Ko is about to give me my first depolarization.

I’ve had difficulty falling asleep for a long time. Especially the last two years that I’ve lived at home, it often took an hour, hour-and-a-half. Moving to Wageningen and finding my boyfriend it became less, although it has become worse again lately. My boyfriend suggested to visit Ko and so I did.

After a few muscle tests and explanation about the whole process, he gives me the depolarization, which merely takes a few seconds. After that he asks me to let everything sink in for about five minutes.

Except for a slowly rising headache, at the back of my head, I don’t feel much. I’m lying on that table, staring at the ceiling. Actually, for a moment, there is just nothing. I notice that my feet, which are normally inclined to flop inwards, suddenly aren’t any longer. But that’s it.

Later that evening, after a hot shower, I’m lying in bed. I close my eyes and suddenly notice the calmness in my head. It’s as if everything is quiet up there. The usually present quacking and chattering is gone. The firing back and forth of thoughts seems to have stopped. There’s just nothing for a while. I feel peaceful and calm. And even though sleep doesn’t want to come right away, this time it doesn’t matter. Without worrying and thinking I wait till my dreams take me away.

It’s a weird feeling. Normally, I stay awake for a long time and think of a thousand-and-one things. The more I’ve experienced during the day, the more I have to organize in my head first before I can fall asleep. Tonight, that’s not the case, I lie curled up in the blankets, in a corner, and listen to what’s happening in my body. There it’s just quiet, really.

I wake up the same way the next morning. Very calm, and, even though it sounds weird, in balance.” C.H.

“My experience with Mind-Body Balance Activation was very special. I’ve had back pains for more than ten years and because of that I’m always looking for medication or therapy that could offer me some relief. And in these ten years, I’ve never really sought it in something spiritual, as I hadn’t really come across that yet. When my back hurt, I always looked at it as something physical. Until my friend gave me a call and told me about her experience with Mind-Body Balance Activation. She gave me Ko’s phone number and said I could always give him a call. After walking around with his phone number for weeks, I eventually did call, because I did get curious despite the thought that this wouldn’t be for me.

I had made an appointment and sick with nerves I went to see Ko. After having a very long conversation with him, I could relate to his story very well after all. For some reason, I completely felt at ease with a complete stranger and he understood me completely. Eventually, after the conversation, Ko did some testing, which enabled him to point out precisely where the biggest blockages were located in my back. Without me telling him. Now I knew for sure: I was at the right address and was eager to participate. He then gave me my first depolarization.

After the process, which was completely painless, I had to remain on the table for five minutes with my eyes closed. What happened to me next is almost indescribable, but I’ll give it a try anyway. I suddenly felt my blood flowing through my veins in the areas of my back that used to be so painful. My back and legs became warm and I sensed a tremendous calm and peaceful feeling within. In short, I felt wonderful, and, for the first time in years, in balance.

When I was allowed to get up, I was still a bit lightheaded. I got so close to myself, and through such a small thing, really, because the activation process is very quick. I never expected this to be possible. That week, I went twice more, and once a week after that. It’s actually going so well now that I only see him every now and then, as a kind of maintenance.

Since I’ve been doing these sessions, I’m a lot calmer and stressed less quickly. I just look at things differently. And my physical symptoms are a lot less than before as well. So for me it has become clear that back pain isn’t just something physical, but can also be something spiritual. Everything is connected to everything. And when I’m in balance, the rest, my back included, is better as well. While this was something I didn’t believe in.” M.B.

“When I was introduced to Mind-Body Balance Activation through a friend, I didn’t know what it was and what to expect of it. After reading some more information the core of the process became more clear to me.

I hurt my back while sporting, had a twisted and blocked vertebra and a lot of pain! Because of this I couldn’t function well and sleeping was a struggle too. I was sitting at home, feeling bad. I decided to try Mind-Body Balance Activation, even though my physician had recommended a manual therapist…

Ko took care of me very well and I instantly felt at ease with him. Shortly after the first session, I noticed that my body was changing. Everything in my body cracked and it seemed as if I was teaching myself a different pose. Something had been activated. As a few weeks went by and I had done several sessions, I kept getting better.

During and after the process I experienced a calmness that I couldn’t (yet) activate myself. I had never known what it’s like to be completely free of tension. One time after a session, Ko let me relax for a while. I had never felt the way I did then. The feeling is difficult to describe, but it seemed like I was one with everything within me and around me. Then I knew what it felt like to be in balance. It seemed as if he had been gone for hours, while it had been only 5 minutes according to him: it was a spiritual experience.

I notice now that I often have more concentration and energy, I’m sleeping better again and recognize more and more situations or habits that bring me out of balance. This last thing is very important, because this can help you deal with the resulting tension in a better way. I have become more aware of my own body and mind and how they are connected, but also how I deal with things in life myself.

Even though I still need Ko’s help every now and then, I notice that I’m starting to get more grip on my own life. I feel healthier and have started to love myself and life more.

Thanks Ko!” D.A.

“I can recommend everyone to learn more about Mind-Body Balance Activation and better still; to experience it yourself.

My first experience with Mind-Body Balance Activation was way above all my expectations and I can’t wait to make another appointment (consider it done… 🙂 )! Not only did I clearly feel how my body was brought back into balance, but more importantly: how a harmonious balance was created between body, mind, and soul! Thank you Ko!

In Yogananda’s Light and Love” E.K.