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Which symptoms?

Mind-Body Balance Activation is a non-symptomatic approach and there are no known contraindications. As a result, it can be applied to the widest variety of symptoms, but also, for example, to rehabilitation, optimizing training for athletes, improving children’s learning abilities, or pregnancy support. The most important thing, however, is that it brings you closer to your true self, to an inner foundation of more oneness, aligned with a Greater Whole.

Corrective change

voor en na de balansbehandelingWhen you are out of balance, you constantly have too much tension in your body and your thoughts and actions are colored by the inner conflicts underlying that tension. You are not really being you. You are surviving rather than living, problems accumulate, and all too soon, you find yourself trapped in a downward spiral.

Mind-Body Balance Activation can break through this pattern, with direct and often impressive results. This is, however, only the beginning of the road to recovery. Balance has to become the new norm, and accumulated problems, often caused by years of imbalance, must be cleared out.

The personal experience and specific effect of Mind-Body Balance Activation is different for everyone, but it is to be expected that every now and then there will also be periods in which you will go through physical and/or mental corrective change. Existing symptoms may sometimes get worse before there is improvement, or new symptoms may arise temporarily, but it also happens that old symptoms briefly come back to the fore, often in reversed order, if they have not yet healed completely. Your session frequency will always be adjusted accordingly, by mutual agreement, as well as possible.

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